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How to Know if it is Time to Replace Your AC Unit

So, you’ve maintained your heating and air conditioning to the best of your ability, and you’ve even come out of pocket to have some repair work done. Still, you wonder if it might just be time to replace your HVAC. Here are some signs that you’re probably right:

Your electric bills are too high:

 Sure, it’s understandable that you have high electric bills during the coldest and hottest months of the year, but you need to be conscientious of just how high those bills are. If they seem excessive, and showing signs of only getting worse, then it’s likely your HVAC has seen better days and is simply no longer able to function the way it should.

Your unit is screaming for attention:

 Your home’s heating and air conditioning should hum in a way that fits into the background noise. If, instead, your unit is dominating your home environment with what sounds more like a grumble, it’s a possibility that there are much more serious issues than noise on the horizon.

Your unit is constantly running:

If you notice that your heating or air conditioning is constantly on and yet your home environment is not getting any more comfortable, then it may be time for you to start shopping for a newer model.

Your home has outgrown your HVAC:

 HVAC systems come in a wide array of types and sizes, and any time you remodel your house with an addition, you risk outgrowing your HVAC. There is just no getting around the fact that more living space equates to more space to heat and cool, and if your heating and air conditioning unit can’t handle the workload, it’s inevitable that you will have to replace it.

Your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system is central to your home’s health, and to your comfort and wellbeing. Therefore, it is important that you take proper measures to ensure its optimal functioning. You need a team of HVAC professionals on your side. We have the know-how and dedication necessary to providing you with thorough and reliable HVAC care services. Call us today.

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